Trees for a Cause FAQ

Who is invited to participate in Trees for a Cause? Any locally based non-profit organization that serves the Oakland, Berkeley, or larger Bay-Area community. Applicants must be able to provide proof of current 501(c)3 status. Religious, partisan, and political non-profits will not be considered for the Trees For a Cause event.

When is the due date for applications, and how will I know if I am selected? Applications should be turned in no later than October 10, 2021. Notifications will be sent within 2 weeks of this date. Participants will be selected by a committee

How many non-profits will be selected to participate? Only 5 non-profits will be selected to participate in order to maximize fundraising opportunities for all participants.

Is there a fee to participate? There is no fee to participate in Trees for a Cause. Camron-Stanford House will provide a tree for you to decorate, but you must provide the decorations you wish to use.

What does Camron-Stanford House provide for participants? Camron-Stanford House will provide one tree, a 6 foot table, 2-3 chairs, and access to electricity during the event.

What can I bring with me? Each organization will be given a 6 foot table. We encourage you to display your own banner on your table, as well as any flyers, brochures, or other information that may be helpful for you to advertise your organization’s services. You may also have a dedicated donations box at your table if you’d like to encourage additional donations at the event. We highly encourage the use of QR codes to accept cashless donations.

Are there any rules about how we decorate the tree? It is up to you how you would like to decorate! If you would like to make your own ornaments that represent your organization, that’s great! If you’d like to use lighting, that’s perfect too! We are excited to see your creativity! We only ask you to remember that this is a family friendly event.

What do I receive for participating? In addition to being able to highlight your work and connect with community members, your organization has the opportunity to raise some funds during the event. Each paid adult ticket will receive two voting tickets, which can be used to vote for their favorite trees. Each voting ticket is valued at $2/each. At the end of the event, tickets will be counted and a check will be mailed to the organization within one week. Please encourage your own communities to come to the event so that you have more opportunities to raise funds!

In addition to live fundraising at the event, the tree with the most overall votes will be awarded use of the Camron-Stanford House for a 4 hour private event of your own. To encourage participation, we will have an additional week of online voting the week following the in-person event. While we cannot award monetary donations for online votes, they will count towards the overall vote total to win the 4 hour private event prize.

What is the deal with the 4 hour event prize? The organization who has the most votes, both from in-person voting tickets and online voting, will receive complimentary use of the Camron-Stanford House for up to 4 hours for an event. You may choose to use this event time to host a private event to celebrate your staff and volunteers, a reception for your donors, or a small fundraising event for your organization. This prize cannot be transferred to any other person or organization. Event must take place within one calendar year. Your event must not support any religious, partisan, or otherwise political programs, goals, or messaging.

What if I have more questions? If you have additional questions, please email us at


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