Town Landmarks-Virtual Exhibit

Camron-Stanford House is pleased to present an inaugural artist spotlight, featuring the work of Jorge Bejarano. in Town Landmarks: Abstract Oakland by Jorge Bejarano, the artist explores some of Oakland’s most well known historic landmarks, presenting them through his own modern, vibrant lens. Artworks are paired alongside historic images of each building to offer visitors a chance to consider both the evolution and permanence of some of The Town’s most beloved buildings.

We invite you to learn more about the histories of the buildings Jorge selected by exploring this virtual exhibit. While visiting today, we also invite you to think about your own favorite landmarks, whether here in Oakland, or around the world.

How do they make you feel when you think about them?

What do they mean to you or to your community?


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Town Landmarks

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Photographs of Camron-Stanford House by Reenie Raschke Photography