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Morbid Cinema

A special screening to celebrate the premiere of Rituals of Remembrance: Exploring the Art of Mourning.  A Q&A with filmmakers Maggie Simpson Adams & Elizabeth Sher will follow the half hour documentary.

Co-director Maggie Simpson Adams embarks on a personal journey to find ways to commemorate death, and integrate and accept this important passage in her life.  The film explores three different approaches to death: 19th Century mourning rituals from the Victorian Era; Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) as celebrated in Latino cultures; and increasingly common DIY rituals.

Limited to 20 at each seating.
Flash Sale $15.00 per person ($10.00 for members).

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Mourning Becomes Her with Jo Ann Stabb, U.C. Davis

Jo Ann Stabb is a designer, author, and lecturer focusing on the field of fashion and wearable art. She served on the Design faculty of the University of California, Davis, for 34 years. Jo Ann will explain how women’s clothing was an integral part of 19th century mourning.

Limited to 30 guests.
$25.00 per person ($15.00 for members) includes exhibit and 1 p.m. house tour.

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A Morbid Evening at Camron-Stanford House

Fortify yourself with liquid spirits and small bites before you commune with the spirits during a seance. Pay your respects at a Victorian wake for Gracie Camron. See the house at night as we celebrate the opening of Morbid Desire: The Spiritualists.

Limited to 40 guests.
$75.00 per person ($60.00 for members)

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