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  1. Iliana Morton January 23, 2019 at 7:32 pm #

    Souvenir- Cameo Pendant/Locket

    Description: Oval shaped pendant that would at one time have been worn as a necklace.
    The front features a cameo portrait of a young woman’s profile. Items like this, made from dark materials such as jet, vulcanite, or gutta percha, were often used as part of traditional mourning attire in the Victorian era. Lockets like this would most likely have contained a snip of hair or a written memento rather than a photograph.

    While Jet was the most popular mourning material, this piece is likely Vulcanite. Jet is most often hand carved while Vulcanite is most often created using molds for mass production.

    Object # 18.007.11
    Gift of Tracy Bartlett, 2018.

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